Our staff is made up of people who follow our culture and vision for our program. Each coach must be equip to lead our players spiritually, mentally, and physically. All coaches have had years of college or professional experience and have a passion for both growing young men and teaching baseball. With our development team it is about more than just teaching baseball skills. We are teaching each player life lessons though baseball. We are here to raise up great men not just great players. Every player deserves our best every minutes, because that is what coaches are called to do. Anyone can be a instructor or manager of players. Many coaches try and light a fire behind their players; our coaches strive to light a fire inside our players.

angel gurrero

Angel Gurrero BODYSHOP 13U
Youth Director & Pitching Instructor

Bryan Beaudrot

Bryan Beaudrot BODYSHOP 11U
Youth Coach

Christian Watford

Christian Watford BODYSHOP 10U
Pitching Instructor

Corey Warner

Corey Warner 2022 Warner
Founder of Bodyshop Baseball

Jake Wisniewski

Jake Wisniewski 2025 Wisniewski
Pitching Instructor

Nate Bowen

Nate Bowen 2025 Warner
Spiritual Life Coordinator

Nick Culver

Nick Culver BODYSHOP 9U
Hitting & Infield Instructor

Noah Huthmaker

Noah Huthmaker BODYSHOP 11U
Infield & Hitting Instructor

Preston Dawson

Preston Dawson 2022 Dawson
Hitting & Infield Instructor

Rafael Gonzales

Rafael Gonzales BODYSHOP 12U
Infield & Hitting Instructor

Roger Diaz

Roger Diaz 2022 Warner
Catching & Hitting Instructor

Roy Frick

Roy Frick 2024 Frick
Pitching Instructor

Ryan Maksim

Ryan Maksim 2022 Warner
Director of Operations & Head Infield Coach


Sawyer Bridges 2023 Bridges
Head Pitching Coach

Tucker Frawley

Tucker Frawley 2024 Frick
Head Catching Coach

Zack Warner

Zack Warner 2025 Warner
Head Hitting Coach & Director of Camps